Wound Care Services

What Is Wound Care?

Wound care encompasses all stages of wound management. This involves determining the kind of wound and variables that influence wound healing, and the appropriate wound care therapy. The wound care specialty can decide the best treatment alternatives once the wound has been identified and all criteria have been reviewed. Depending on the severity of the wound, you may require more care and attention. Wound care treatment is a critical step in avoiding catastrophic consequences. A wound that is not adequately cared for might develop into a dangerous infection such as cellulitis or sepsis.

HomeMD- Home Wound Care Services

HomeMD wound care specialty understands that many of our patients require specialized treatment. That is why we have a cadre of nurses trained to handle complex wounds. To assist patients in achieving the best possible treatment outcomes, our wound care nurses follow evidence-based treatment guidelines from the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society and the National Alliance of Wound Care.

HomeMD offers diabetic wound care service in Michigan with wound care nurses who work as part of our multidisciplinary clinical team to continuously monitor wounds using unique imaging software while offering patient education and treatment regimens to guarantee wound healing. Our personalized approach to wound care lowers problems, enhances healing, reduces the risk of infection, and keeps patients mending securely at home.

How Patients Benefit from HomeMD Wound Care Services

HomeMD home wound care services can provide a smooth transition from in-patient treatment to home care with no gaps in service. This is performed with the assistance of a qualified nurse who specializes in transitions from in-patient to home care. To guarantee that all of the patient’s care, pharmaceutical, and equipment needs are identified and addressed, a successful transition involves specialized attention and close coordination among the home care service, the in-patient facility, and the treating physician.

This frequently involves constant access to the following:

HomeMD’s clinical training materials keep licensed nurses and physical therapists up to date on current wound care treatment trends and allow them to continue to improve their clinical knowledge and skills. Individuals dealing with the difficulties of living with wounds and severe consequences immediately benefit from the expertise and attention of these competent and experienced specialists. 

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