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How HomeMD Helps Your Business

From Lake Michigan to Lake Erie and everywhere in between, HomeMD Housecall Services presently offers primary care in over 100 independent and assisted living facilities throughout Michigan. Your ability to maintain a profitable bottom line as a facility owner or manager depends on keeping your rooms occupied depending on the level of care you can give your current residents. We get that, and we also recognize the need for you to deliver that level of care without wearing down your employees with needless phone calls to coordinate events that ought to “simply happen” without your intervention or need for follow-up.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to look for your residents, not the medical staff, who are meant to assist you in achieving your business objectives. So call HomeMD Housecall Services right away to set up a time for one of our providers to visit your facility and speak with you about how we can support your elder care business and the residents it is committed to caring for. This will make your life easier, your staff happier, and your residents healthier.

Improving Your Bottom Line

How can you assist us in bringing in more residents to our facility? This is a question our housecall business is frequently asked. We prefer to rephrase this query at HomeMD Housecall Services as, “How can we maintain your census higher by avoiding resident turnover?” How can we lower eviction rates? We keep your residents strong, healthy, and more functional for a prolonged period, broadening the average resident life expectancy and lowering your resident turnover. Through our quality health offerings, we can reduce re-hospitalizations. We can also intervene in clinical situations more quickly thanks to our “always there for you” availability.

Our “turnkey” medical solutions for your institution will increase your marketability and lower morbidity and mortality. In addition, you’ll be able to reassure potential residents’ families that your facility can give their loved ones an atmosphere where they may age in place while removing the necessity for the resident to leave the institution for normal medical treatment.

We Are Always Available

HomeMD Housecall Services takes great pleasure in our clinical accessibility, enabling us to position ourselves as our clients’ best option. You will speak directly with your provider’s assistant when you phone our office to discuss a clinical concern involving a resident. From there, they will take care of your lower-level problems independently (such as prescription requests, records requests, etc.) or, for higher-level clinical problems, they will speak with the physician directly, who will respond to you in minutes rather than hours or days.

Registered nurses triage our lines after business hours and on the weekends and can address and address the majority of clinical concerns on their own; however, if the issue necessitates a provider, we have on-call providers available who will be happy to jump in; once more, this process occurs in minutes, not hours or days, even after business hours. Each facility receives a tablet to conduct phone calls via T-5G Mobile’s network swiftly and efficiently.

We Decrease Your Staff’s Workload

Your team puts a lot of effort into taking care of your residents, so you must partner with a business that can support those efforts successfully. Let us handle finding outside medical providers, experts, labs, diagnostics firms, and medical equipment companies, so you don’t have to waste time doing it. To free you up to concentrate on what you do best—taking care of your residents’ ADL and IADL needs—our office staff will gladly handle any tasks that need to be completed, such as following up on a home health referral, ordering a walker, setting up medication delivery, or coordinating with family members.

One-Stop Shopping

You may see a list of the many services we can provide your residents inside our company on the right. Please keep an eye on this list because it is always expanding. We can arrange for these services to be delivered in your facility through our company, whether a cardiology consultation, mobile labs, imaging, or even on-site dental care. Because they are all provided under one roof, records will be accessible to your facility manager as well as to the family members of your resident through our EHR portal.

Facility EMR portal

Thanks to our electronic medical records, your facility manager will have simple, 24/7/365 access to all patient records through our facility portal. Orders, labs, imaging results, advanced directives, DNR papers, provider progress comments, and anything else in our charts will be only a mouse click away for you and the resident’s family members. No more making call after call to find out whether labs were done or even what the findings were.