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Helping Hospice Companies

The creator of HomeMD Housecall Services not only had experience in home health care, but he also had experience in hospice nursing. In fact, HomeMD Housecall Services’ founder was able to contribute to the founding of one of the state’s leading hospice organizations. He was the sole visiting hospice nurse at the time, the director of nursing, and everything in between because it was a small business. 350 patients had been served by the time he left the business to create HomeMD Housecall Services two years later.

This was accomplished through a passion for end-of-life care that was steadfastly and unapologetically committed to providing patients and their families with whatever tools they need to maintain dignity and quality of life as they draw closer to the end of their lives, rather than through business acumen since most business decisions were handled by the company’s ownership. Our purpose at HomeMD Housecall Services embodies this enthusiasm for end-of-life care. We inform our geriatric and palliative care patients about the hospice care options, understanding that while it may not be necessary right now, it will be a blessing when it is.

HomeMD Housecall Services is committed to patient choice while taking continuity of treatment seriously. We believe there is therapeutic benefit in sending patients who need hospice care back to the same organisations who recommended them to us while they were receiving skilled home healthcare services as their illnesses deteriorate and inevitable decreases are noticed. Maintaining these connections is crucial, particularly during a challenging period like the transition to end-of-life care. Many times, while with altered objectives, we even find some of the same experienced nurses, social workers, and home health aides continue to provide care for their patients while receiving hospice care.

As mentioned above, we like to keep seeing our patients for primary care even after they are referred to hospice care services because we believe continuity of care is crucial. We understand and value the role of the hospice nurse in the patient’s care to the extent that our nurse practitioners are trained to switch from the “driver’s seat” to the “passenger seat” so that the hospice RN and his or her medical director can have the room and autonomy to do what they do best. This is done while still providing care for our patients.

Of course, patients may occasionally be released from hospice care if and when they are able to recover from the condition that caused their referral in the first place. These patients sometimes have not visited a doctor outside of hospice care for a considerable amount of time, and frequently they are unable to do so any longer or doing so would require a strenuous effort on the part of the patient or their family, who are responsible for getting them to a doctor. HomeMD Housecall Services is available to assist in certain situations. We can take over the hospice nurse’s duties so that patients can continue to receive care in their own homes.

The gap between the numerous services that hospice offers and the resource-savvy management required to provide as many of those services outside of the hospice care benefit may be filled with the aid of our visiting social workers. We will work with you to manage the status of medical equipment needs following hospice care, we will arrange for the delivery of medications in place of those previously covered by hospice, and we will do it all efficiently so that your discharged hospice patient can have a positive experience rather than having to remove them from a support system on which they may have become dependent.

We felt that it was crucial that our ownership remain independent from any specific homecare or hospice company in order to partner with all of them! In addition to providing the tools that the nurses in our community need to complete their jobs on our shared patients, this will also allow us to empower them! We are not, and we never will be, owned by competent home health and/or hospice organizations, unlike the majority of other palliative care and housecall businesses. Our goal is to continue to be as autonomous as we are today in the future.