Chronic Care Management

What are Chronic Care Management Services?

Any treatment offered by medical experts to individuals with chronic illnesses and disorders is referred to as chronic care management. When sickness or a medical condition lasts a year or more, requires continuing medical treatment, or restricts everyday activities, it is considered chronic. It might be physical, such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, or mental, such as dementia or depression. Services include in-person, face-to-face appointments and communication and care coordination relating to a patient’s chronic diseases.

Goals of Chronic Care Management and Chronic Health Care Plans

People with many chronic illnesses are more likely to have a low quality of life. A chronic disease management plan’s main purpose is to assist patients in improving their quality of life by providing ongoing care and management of their diseases. A patient may have less pain and tension, enhanced mobility and physical fitness, and improved sleep and relaxation due to chronic care management services. Supporting patient self-care is one of the healthcare system’s goals in chronic care management. In chronic conditions management, chronic condition management emphasizes individual conduct and a person’s role in controlling their health more efficiently and autonomously. Patients with chronic illnesses play a crucial role in managing their health and any changes that might occur.

Chronic Health Care Management Helps to Decrease Healthcare Fragmentation

Multiple chronic illnesses directly contribute to impairment, disorientation, and poor quality of life as the number of chronic conditions in a person grows, as does the chance of mortality, hospitalization, and pharmaceutical interactions. Patients with numerous chronic diseases typically require more extended, in-depth, and frequent visits to their providers than other patients. The complexity of a patient with numerous chronic illnesses necessitates a higher level of coordination among medical providers to avoid treatment fragmentation.

Unless all healthcare professionals are on the same page, patients with numerous chronic diseases are more likely to get inconsistent recommendations from their various physicians. In addition, treatments for chronic ailments and diseases are frequently complex, making it difficult for patients and their caregiver support networks to follow or comprehend treatment procedures.

HomeMD HouseCall Chronic Disease Management Plan Services

While other HouseCall companies employ medical assistants working off of pre-built scripts to run their chronic care management programs, at HomeMD HouseCall Services, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care possible. Although at the same time, we have plenty of wonderful medical assistants employed in our office, we only use registered nurses to run this program.

Our group of RNs will devote quality time on the phone or our tablets throughout the month to virtually check in on and “hold the hands” of our patients and their support systems so that they can be attentively guided through what is otherwise a complex, fragmented, and frequently broken healthcare system. While communicating with the patients, they are case managing through our chronic care management program; our registered nurses will utilize their medical skills to detect any volatility that might suggest a medical condition.

Accessible Care

Geriatric people are more vulnerable to chronic illnesses rapidly progressing to acute disorders than any other demographic. In addition to offering a broad portfolio of in-home chronic condition management to supplement our primary care services, we believe that access to treatment is crucial for this demographic and have gone to great efforts to ensure it. During the patient intake process, every patient at HomeMD Housecall Services is provided a cellular-connected tablet paid for by us to provide immediate access to treatment.

We recognize that new technology might be complicated for seniors to use. Therefore we adjusted the software in our tablets to be simple to use, even for geriatrics. Simply said, they can use anything if they can hold it. Aside from providing our patients and their family members with immediate access to medical care from their provider team, patient families may also use our tablets to engage with patients outside their medical requirements.

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