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Collaboration with Home Healthcare Companies

Welcome to HomeMD Housecall Services! An experienced home health nurse started this housecall business to empower home health nurses and their multidisciplinary colleagues to perform what they do best without all the stress. Yes, homecare nurses, our business was created specifically for you, from the ground up, to help you care for the people for whom you have such deep devotion. We built HomeMD from the perspective of the creator, a registered nurse, who was well aware of how frustrating it was not to be able to acquire the orders he required in the time frame he needed them, so we rectified that.

We felt that our ownership needed to remain independent from any specific homecare or hospice company to partner with all of them! In addition to providing the tools that the nurses in our community need to complete their jobs on our shared patients, this will also allow us to empower them! While most other housecall and palliative care businesses are owned by professional home health and hospice businesses, we are not and never will be.

We want to continue to be as independent as we are now so that we can accept referrals from home health agencies throughout the state while also giving those agencies peace of mind knowing that we will always respect patient autonomy and do everything in our power to reroute patients to the nurses and agencies they are already familiar with. We firmly believe that continuity of care is important.

How HomeMD can help home health agencies

We have been there when, at 5:30 on a Friday, the patient's daughter phones to say that her mother isn't feeling well. She is weak, bewildered, and has fallen many times already today. Despite making many calls to the doctor's office today, the daughter only got a message at 4:58 pm while she was busy preparing supper for her children. Dr. Johnson was currently on the third hole of his round of golf when she tried calling the PCP's office again, but she was connected to the answering service, so she knew she won't hear from them again until Monday. So she phones you, her dependable home health RN, asking for assistance.
Yes, we've all been there; this is essentially a milestone for home health RNs. It probably occurs to you every day. All your patient needs is an order for an antibiotic, but you cannot do anything about it other than bringing her to the ER since you know that if you don't, she may become septic by Monday. You know this because you have the results of a urinalysis and a culture in your possession.

Let HomeMD Housecall Services take some of the pressure off. You'll be able to tell that you encounter this situation slightly less frequently for each patient you send to HomeMD. We always have a doctor on call who can provide you with the prescription you need to administer the medication to our shared patient. As an added plus, you can get there with just one phone call. Our providers are advanced practice nurses, so they have been in your position and can relate to how helpless you feel due to a dysfunctional system. You'll be conversing with a coworker who admires you for your judgment, your commitment to your patient, and the fact that they are also nurses in addition to being providers.
You get a new patient from the hospital, but they haven't seen their PCP in the previous four months because his practice had to close due to COVID-19, have they? Now what? In the meantime, your patient can't get to the doctor's office due to Covid-19, and even if there wasn't a pandemic, the daughter can't take time off work to get mom to the provider until sometime next week anyway. You can't move forward with your care plan without a recent physician's face-to-face encounter note, but there are none to be had. In addition, the patient is quite weak and has difficulty walking, making her a homebound patient even if she could take time off of work. Again, what comes next?
We encourage you to send this patient to HomeMD Housecall Services since we can get hospital papers via our software systems, gather consent forms digitally, and be at your patient's home within days, sometimes even hours, if required. Contrast that with "that other company's" turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. We'll get that face-to-face meeting over with, provide your office the proof they need that it happened, and then since that's what we do, we'll have the 485 plan of care form electronically signed.
We've all been in the situation when patients need a specialist mattress because they have stage 2 or 3 pressure sores. You have accurate wound measures, a thorough wound evaluation, and perhaps even some wound images. When you check up on it two weeks later, you speak to someone who speaks to someone else who puts you on hold. You sent them to your patient's PCP, who then sent the order for a customized mattress to the large box DME business. You phone the PCP's office to provide the precise terminology they must use since you discover that the doctor failed to include the particular verbiage needed by Medicare in their letter.
After another week with still no mattress, you learn that your patient has sepsis and has been admitted to the hospital. Finally, a few weeks after the patient is sent home; you discover that you are again in the same predicament, attempting to avoid falling into the DME rabbit hole. HomeMD Housecall Services provide the solution to it. When working with senior patients, we have filled out the DME form several times, so we are fully aware of what the orders should include. In contrast, the patient's current PCP may only view the DME paperwork while seeing 35-year-old patients.
Beyond that, we put a lot of pressure on the DME firms that we hire to care for our patients; simply, they must do it well, or we will choose a different DME company. Our practice has a specialized DME coordinator who collaborates with particular DME providers who have been gracious enough to build up particular workflows designed to benefit our particular patient demographic. You are welcome to join the HomeMD Housecall Services team and work inside our system!