Home-Based Primary Care

What Is Home-Based Primary Care?

Home-based primary care service, sometimes known as “house calls,” provides primary healthcare service to the most medically complex (and most expensive to the health-care system) homebound persons in society. These patients generally have limited access to ongoing follow-up care, which perpetuates the cycle of poor health management and can be costly and exhausting for patients and caregivers.

Home-based primary care service can significantly decrease medical emergencies, segmented care, missed appointments, and poor control of chronic conditions—the factors most frequently cited for emergency department visits, readmissions, acute hospitalizations, and institutionalization for this population—in addition to improving the quality of care for patients and supporting caregivers.

HomeMD HouseCall Primary HealthCare Service

We leverage the skills of our army of nurse practitioners at HomeMD Housecall Services, who are specially qualified to handle the chronic and complicated problems that come with senior care and provide the best primary care in Michigan. We feel that having a good understanding of medicine is crucial, but having patience while dealing with the senior population is also essential. We feel that “the 5-minute visit” is insufficient for our senior demographic at HomeMD Housecall Services.

Our doctors see an average of 10 patients per day, compared to 20 for clinic-based providers, with an average engagement duration of 30-45 minutes with our patients and their families throughout our interactions. As a result, we find it hard to give quality treatment to a group of patients who have various chronic ailments and who might sometimes take a bit longer to describe their symptoms without taking the time to listen. This is where HomeMD creates a difference! Our primary care doctors at home offer complete checkup and consultation.

What Is Included in Our Service?

Our Values And the Principles We Practice

At HomeMD Housecall Services, we employ staff that embodies what we like to call the Eight C’s:

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