About Us

HomeMD Housecall Services is a nurse practitioner-owned organization dedicated to excellence in home-based primary and palliative care.  We support and advocate for our homebound patients while addressing the medical, psycho-social, and behavioral challenges they face. Our goal is to manage their care at home and out of the hospital.

We believe with better communication between healthcare providers we are able to close gaps, reduce hospitalizations, reduce healthcare spending in an already stressed system, and reduce copayments for unnecessary tests and medications. All of this means better healthcare for those most in need: Our nation’s homebound population.

Who Are We?

HomeMD Housecall Services, which has been in business since 2018, is a nurse practitioner-owned organization that strives to care for others with compassion and empathy while contributing value to the healthcare system. Our medical providers regard themselves as sincere partners to competent home health care firms, hospice companies, assisted living facility personnel, private duty home healthcare employees, and our patients’ families. At the same time, our competent RNs and medical assistants handles the genuine problems of care provided to the most vulnerable members of our society.

Our Mission

To improve the care and quality of life for our patients in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Our Vision

To lead the change in how healthcare is delivered to those that need it most in all the communities we serve.

Our Skilled, Caring Providers Make Life Worth Living

We offer a completely different degree of home-based primary and palliative care while also enabling support networks to advocate for the healthcare needs of the elderly who cannot leave their homes. Every day we impact lives and work to improve the quality of life of those we serve. HomeMD’ s philosophy of care is focused on optimizing the comfort, quality of life, and safety of our senior homebound population.


Our values and the principles we practice

Every day we strive to live the values that we believe in.

We’re competent with complexity

Our providers are comfortable caring for patients with complex medical conditions.  Oftentimes, they’re on numerous medications and have extensive medical records that must be read and understood. We often need to navigate complex psychosocial needs and challenging family dynamics—and all of this must be done without the availability of specialists.

We communicate comprehensively

Communication is a foundation of good healthcare.  Caring for patients in the home involves not only treating their multiple medical problems but also caring for the needs of others involved in the patient’s care. It requires a strong focus on our patient’s goals and end-of-life conversations. Providers should be skillful communicators who are able to guide discussions on medical care and treatment with patients, caregivers, and other involved professionals.

We demonstrate character and composure

Home-based primary care providers often work alone and need to demonstrate the highest integrity to ensure safe and quality care for those we serve. Provider composure is essential because the medically and socially complex scenarios encountered at home, sometimes in socio-economically depressed neighborhoods can be challenging.

We’re considerate and compassionate

Home-based primary care providers are guests in the patient’s home, which is a very different than the dynamics in an office setting. Providers need to be highly considerate of this shift in “power” and of the patient’s personal and cultural wishes. Oftentimes, just stepping into a patient’s home can be very informative and eye opening for our providers.  We strive to always keep in mind that humility and compassion go a long way in reassuring our patients and their families that we are there for them.

We constantly strive for continuous improvement

Only through constant improvement do we find better ways to care for those we serve.  We are committed to constant improvement in everything we do.